This week’s digest is full of the latest news about minimizing effort and maximizing results in your social, mobile, and video campaigns—and takes its cue from Thomas Edison, who once sputtered, “Results! Why, man, I have gotten a lot of results. I know several thousand things that won’t work.” We can’t illustrate thousands of ill-conceived ideas, but invite you to read on for a few choice tidbits that may diminish your perspiration so you can concentrate on innovation.

6 innovative and inexpensive Twitter campaigns to emulate 
By Jim Dougherty at Ragan’s PR Daily
Dougherty’s piece covering successful (and cost-effective) Twitter tips includes examples of how Comedy Central’s judicious use of hashtags results in tens of thousands of tweets, and tells how ESPN makes the most of its social-sharing bar for 60,000 additional readers every month. Also, find out how a Minnesota law enforcement agency met its recruiting goals with a single hashtag.

10 Common Misunderstandings About Mobile Marketing 
By Kristen Gramigna at Big Marketing for Small Business
Think that mobile marketing doesn’t convert leads or that a mobile site should mimic a traditional Web site? Think again, writes Gramigna, who debunks some of the most pervasive myths about mobile marketing in this article.

IBM’s Ed Abrams on SMB Social Strategy and Content Marketing
By Kerry O’Shea Gorgone at MarketingProfs
If the complexity of social media marketing is giving you fits, take a look at some of the advice Ed Abrams—vice president of marketing for IBM’s small and midsize business unit—offers to SMBs. Gorgone’s summary includes recommendations about how much time and expense to devote to social media, along with tips on content marketing strategy, understanding audience expectations, and staffing.

August 2013 Online Video Rankings: 47 Billion Videos Watched In U.S. 
By Carla Marshall at ReelSEO
As you grow your video strategy, it won’t hurt to see which platforms hosted the 46.7 billion content videos that over 188 million Americans watched last month.

Report — Love for personal computers on the decline
By Lance Whitney at CNET
We all know the bloom is off the PC rose as mobile device use continues to rise. Whitney’s article looks at recent American Customer Satisfaction Index data, which shows that technology users tend to be happier about owning tablets than PCs.