How do you craft and deliver messages that compel prospects to move down the sales funnel? In this week’s news digest, we examine the elements of magnetic content that harness the marketing laws of attraction. Go beyond the points of the compass to outer space for a lesson in building a social community in cyberspace – and then head back to earth for best practices for holding on to key audiences with data, peer recommendations, and demographic preferences.

How Chris Hadfield Conquered Social Media From Outer Space
By Ned Potter at Forbes
Veteran PR exec Potter explains how Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield became a social media phenomenon – and what earthbound marketers can learn from a guy with over a million Twitter followers and 15 million YouTube views. @Cmdr_Hadfield’s approach to content is instructive, and not all of his success can be pinned to hanging out at the International Space Station.

How to Harness the Power of Data to Elevate Your Content
By Meghan Lockwood at HubSpot
If you’ve worked with TDA, you know how we emphasize quantifiable benefits in content. Lockwood’s piece explains why data is critical in reaching decision makers, and suggests several ways to find and use data to make content more persuasive.

5 Ways To Encourage Customers To Share Your Content
Marketo Staff Report
Speaking of persuasiveness, recent research suggests consumers are more likely to trust peer recommendations than traditional advertising. In this free, downloadable book, the staff at marketing automation firm Marketo explains tactics that encourage content sharing – and may even make your content go viral.

8 Content Marketing Principles Most Companies Get Wrong
By David B. Thomas at Salesforce Blog
Not creating content that serves your audience tops this list of content marketing pratfalls. The author, who happens to be Senior Director of Community and Content at Salesforce Marketing Cloud, explains how organizations can avoid or repair common problems that reduce the effectiveness of content marketing.