Are the audiences you need to influence seeing your content? This week’s illuminating news digest explores ways to extend your reach by attracting more attention. Learn how a Google search change will make apps even more essential to marketing success, and read why curation efforts pay off for audience acquisition. Plus, discover social features designed to make your content shine more brightly, and see why mobile content click rates continue to trend upward.

Google Will Now Index App Content on iOS Devices
By Matt Southern at Search Engine Journal
B2B marketers may need to assess how their apps will fare with the latest development in mobile search. According to Southern, Google has started to index content within certain iOS apps, with more to come. His article says users searching using the Google app will be able to find related content existing on other iOS apps, which may support marketers who understand the significance of relevant mobile content.

Vine’s Explore tab now lets you search through recent and popular videos
By Natt Garun at The Next Web
Here’s another example of the importance of mobile content relevance within an app. Read Garun’s story about Vine’s revamped iOS app, which now includes an “Explore” feature that suggests related content feeds when a user embarks on a search.

Mobile Email CTO Rate Improves in Q1
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Your investment in mobile (which we assume you’ve made) is starting to pay off in email engagement, according to recent quarterly data from Yesmail. This MarketingCharts summary of the report outlines how the gap between mobile and desktop click-to-open rates is quickly narrowing, thanks to an uptick in the use of responsive design.

5 reasons PR and marketing pros should curate content
By Beki Winchel at Ragan’s PR Daily
Shine a light on the need for more curation funding. Winchel provides five sound reasons to help others understand why curation should be an essential part of your organization’s marketing strategy.

Instagram for the Web is getting a cleaner, flatter redesign
By Napier Lopez at The Next Web
Finally, why not give your graphic design colleagues something to celebrate this Friday? Their work—and your brand—are about to get additional visibility on Instagram’s desktop client. Lopez looks at the upcoming redesign, which will give much more space for each individual image to shine, and presumably better illuminate what you have to offer.