Attracting customers in environments crowded with content can be tricky, but as this week’s news digest reveals, the world is full of opportunities for drawing in prospects—and having them stick around. Get strategies to better track content ROI, insights into chief marketers’ top struggles, descriptions of how content bolsters branding, and find benefits from negative online reviews. Plus, learn to navigate in a world where many folks never unplug from technology.

61% of Consumers Prefer Companies With Custom Online Content
By Kyli Singh at Mashable
Does content marketing drive higher conversion rates? You bet it does, writes Singh, who presents a handy infographic that maps ways to effectively track your organization’s content ROI. Read her article to get the kinds of content that performs best—and see why prospects are more likely to purchase from companies with custom content.

CMOs’ Biggest Internal Hurdles When Developing An Integrated Customer Experience
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Consider this article a guide to traversing the mind of the CMO. You’ll see this role’s primary pain points, such as cross-channel integration and battling with big data. What’s the largest challenge of all for CMOs? Getting internal departments aligned (are you surprised?).

People Are Pretty Much Glued to Technology 24/7
eMarketer Staff Report
Pavlovian responses to digital devices may have once been taboo, but it’s no longer surprising to see people texting at the dinner table or checking email during meetings. Recent polling finds more than half of U.S. Internet users are nearly always connected and a whopping 43 percent of this group never unplugs. Discover how gender, age, and income play a role in the results.

8 Ways Content Marketing Catapults Your Brand Relevancy
By Glenn Llopis at Forbes
You want to achieve brand relevancy, but how do you get there? Llopis dives into eight fundamental tactics—including articles and blogs, webinars, roundtables, and social media—to build your brand’s momentum and help conversion rates climb.

Five Ways Marketers Can Benefit From Online Reviews
By Jan Vels Jensen at MarketingProfs
All hail the good online customer review (and all fear the negative). Learn Vels Jensen’s five best practices for optimizing customers’ opinions—which begins with no longer fearing negative reviews—and you’re likely to improve everything from ROI to brand reputation.