Big plans for the long weekend? Wherever you’re headed, take this edition of our weekly news digest along for the ride and catch up on the latest developments in mobile marketing. Read how social platforms are increasing mobile engagement, and watch a video explaining why you need a B2B content marketing app. You’ll also find news about advertisers devoting more budget to mobile, and what some of the biggest online properties in the world are doing to boost mobile traffic.

LinkedIn mobile engagement jumps 40% in Q2 after apps revamp 
By Jason Ankeny at Fierce Mobile Content
LinkedIn has seen a 40 percent improvement in mobile engagement; now 33 percent of unique visiting members are coming through mobile apps. Learn how updated apps might have made the difference.

Why You Need a Real-Time B2B Content Marketing App [VIDEO] 
By Nicole Sommerfeld at TDA Group
Real-time B2B marketing apps can play a key role in capturing and holding the attention of an audience that is constantly on the move. TDA Group’s own Paul Gustafson and Nicole Sommerfeld explain why delivering essential, continuously updated content to personal mobile devices should be a top priority for businesses.

Everything we think we know about the iPhone 5S (infographic)
By Alex Colon and Rani Molla at GigaOM
With fall just around the corner, it must be time for the next iPhone. See what the rumor mill says about the upcoming iPhone 5S and the possibility of a less-expensive iPhone 5C. Both could be announced in early September.

Facebook Jumps Past $40 as Mobile Numbers Surge 
By Mike Isaac at All Things D
Facebook users are spending more and more time on the site with their mobile devices. Learn how that increasing mobile engagement is inspiring greater confidence among investors and driving the company’s stock price higher.

Mobile Gains Greater Share of Search, Display Spending 
eMarketer Staff Report
As computer users shift from desktops to mobile devices, so is ad spending. By 2017, eMarketer anticipates that U.S. advertisers will spend 59.6 percent of all digital search dollars on mobile. Budgets for mobile display advertising are growing as well. What does the future hold for digital spending? Find out with this report.

Yahoo Is Now Actually Beating Google In Traffic. Here’s How 
By Dino Grandoni at Huffington Post
Surprising but true: Yahoo! Web sites, including Flickr and Yahoo! Finance, actually see more total Web traffic than Google sites, including the Google search engine and Gmail. Learn how Yahoo! has done it and why there’s still room for improvement in mobile traffic.