Sure, we’ve all heard the old adage about working smarter rather than harder. Nice idea, but how do you actually do it? This week’s digest has a few suggestions. Get tips on increasing the value of your content marketing efforts, tactics for customer retention, and a look at 29 essential content marketing metrics. You’ll also learn which content format appears to be most effective, and find out when you’re most likely to get the highest number of clicks per tweet.

Five Ways to Prove Marketing’s Value by Saving Sales Costs
By Andrew Davies at Marketing Profs
Today’s informed buyers typically engage with sales later than ever in the purchasing process, which means marketing is really on the hook to influence buying decisions. Davies outlines five ways marketing can prove its value and boost results by supplying sales with well-qualified, educated and interested prospects. Smart.

NEWS: Case studies revealed as most effective content format
B2B Marketing Staff Report
Case studies appear to be the most effective content format, according to the recently released Content Marketing Benchmarking Report. Find out which formats round out the top four in effectiveness, and discover which types of content are most and least popular with marketers.

29 essential content marketing metrics
By Kevin Allen at Ragan’s PR Daily
Is your content delivering results? Read Allen’s article, which may help you see whether your efforts are paying off.

6 Retention Marketing Strategies
By Leah Klingbeil at Business 2 Community
We assume customer retention is part of your overall marketing strategy. If not, consider this: a 10 percent increase in customer retention can result in a 30 percent increase in the value of your company. Klingbeil emphasizes the importance of customer retention and outlines six strategies for improving your retention rates.

The Best Time of Day to Tweet
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
You don’t hold a cocktail party in the morning, host a wedding reception on Monday, or expect to get home in five minutes during rush hour. So if you’re not getting the clicks you want from your tweets, reconsider your timing—and read Nanji’s story, which examines a report from social media analytics provider Buffer that reveals the best and worst times for getting clicks.