Relying on a single content format is like running an amusement park with only one ride. This week’s digest is full of ideas for tactics you may have overlooked—and may compel prospects to line up and learn more about the fun they’ll have with your company.

Start by entering the magically effective world of the Disney Parks blog. You’ll discover exhilarating multiple-content best practices B2B marketers can easily use to enthrall audiences. Then experience the excitement of accurately measuring prospect appreciation of your social media efforts. Once you’ve caught your breath, find out how to take audiences on memorable rides with your presentations and case studies. Plus, don’t miss the latest on electrifying webinars and get a superb example of editorial safety measures to ensure content enjoyment.

3 magical content marketing tips from Disney Parks
By Clare Lane at Ragan’s PR Daily
B2B marketers can learn a few things from the Disney Parks blog, which uses several kinds of content to keep people coming back for more. Lane’s article explains how this organization continually tries and perfects new forms of content—and refines what readers find magical. Read her story to see how testing different kinds of content—along with a solid editorial calendar and audience focus—gets results.

Is Your Social Media Content as Popular as You Think?
By Jonathan Crossfield at Content Marketing Institute
You might be measuring social media excitement the wrong way, writes Crossfield. He tells why getting people to actually read your posts is probably a better metric than tallying up shares.

13 Actionable Tips For More Awesome Marketing Presentations
By Erin Sagin at WordStream
Many presentations elicit the kind of disappointment usually associated with a “closed for maintenance” sign on a popular roller coaster. Sagin lists ways your presentations should thrill with unexpected twists and turns that can amaze and transfix audiences.

How to Create a Webinar to Increase Your Sales Conversion
By Jay Durgan at MediaMobz
Our good friend, video expert and thrill-seeker Jay Durgan, is an old hand at getting prospects to climb aboard the sales funnel ride. Here, he summarizes webinar best practices that excite prospects to willingly take the dizzying plunge toward purchasing decisions.

6 ingredients of case studies that deliver results
By Nicole Sommerfeld at TDA Group
Customer success stories that live up to expectations are perennial crowd-pleasers. So how do you meet these expectations? Sommerfeld provides a behind-the-scenes look at what makes these sales acceleration attractions compelling.

11 examples of exclamation-point abuse
By Laura Hale Brockway at Ragan’s PR Daily
Regardless of the form of B2B content, exclamation point overuse makes you seem as trustworthy as a sideshow carnival barker. Brockway offers guidance for putting the brakes on exclamation overuse so content appears safe to try.