Suffering from an acute case of paraskevidekatriaphobia? Don’t worry—we can help you overcome your fear of Friday the 13th. First, take a deep cleansing breath. Then read this week’s TDA Content Happy Hour, which has a healthy dose of content marketing tips. You’ll learn new ways to boost customer engagement, improve your digital marketing tactics, enhance email strategies, and increase productivity. Plus, get the latest on when mobile app users engage with your content.

Five Actions Marketers Can Take to Deliver Real Engagement in 2015
By Reggie Wideman at MarketingProfs
With consumers accessing an increasing number of sales channels across numerous devices, marketers need innovative approaches for maximizing engagement. Wideman explains how to get started on a new path that begins with a clearly defined vision and continues along a well-mapped engagement ecosystem.

Three Digital Marketing Tactics You Should Adopt in 2015 [Infographic]
By Verónica Maria Jarski at Marketing Profs
Have you optimized your digital marketing strategies for our fast-changing online world? This infographic highlights some key stats that could make you reconsider your plans for this year. For example, did you know that 74 percent of online adults use social media sites? Or that 79 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? Discover additional metrics and pick up some pointers for making the most of your digital marketing approach.

Marketers’ Top Strategies For Impacting Email Efforts
MarketingCharts Staff Report
A recent survey from Adobe and DMA suggests that email marketers are looking for ways to integrate email into broader marketing programs. But they have some work ahead of them: while 54 percent coordinate email messages with offline challenges, only 46 percent use information from other channels to drive their email efforts. Read more of the survey results, including strategies email marketers believe will affect them most.

22 Simple Productivity Tools To Help You Do Everything Faster
By Jason Shen at Percolate
Who wouldn’t want to get more work done faster? As a marketing professional, you’re probably eager to find new tools that can help you boost productivity and efficiency. Shen has compiled a list of simple software that can help you streamline a range of day-to-day activities.

US Mobile App Use, by Time of Day
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Understanding when your app is most likely to be accessed shouldn’t be spooky. Take a look at this data from mobile app analytics provider Localytics to see when you should be posting mobile content—and leave luck out of the mobile engagement equation.