Will your team be ready to make the most of social media in 2015? This week’s news digest offers recent developments that could affect your plans in the coming year. You’ll see how Facebook is trying to kill off Google+, read about the ongoing dominance of mobile, learn how old Facebook posts are now searchable, get tips for more visually appealing posts, and understand the evolution of the hashtag. Read on to see trends appearing on the social horizon.

Facebook Just Took a Huge Shot at Google
By Alex Fitzpatrick at Time
Finding an old mention of a band or restaurant on your Facebook feed has long been a challenge. Read this story to see how Facebook plans to correct that, and how it might take away the last advantage Google+ has over its competition.

Facebook finally lets everyone search for old posts
By Stan Schroeder at Mashable
Get more details about the expansion of Facebook’s search capabilities in Schroeder’s article—and see how Zuck’s platform may make it easier to reach target audiences.

12 Clever Ways to Use More Visuals on Social Media
By Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick at HubSpot
Visual elements boost social engagement, and that’s a trend that won’t change in 2015. Kawasaki and Fitzpatrick provide practical advice for incorporating visual elements into every social post, including ways to repurpose presentations and create animated GIFs.

Mobile Search Will Surpass Desktop in 2015
By eMarketer Staff
For marketers, search often translates into traffic—and revenue. Take a look at this eMarketer article to learn how mobile will surpass desktops in search ad spending in the coming year, and adjust your social content strategy accordingly.

The History of Hashtags [Infographic]
By Lindsay Kolowich at HubSpot
In only six years, the lowly pound sign has been transformed into the ubiquitous hashtag. This infographic illustrates how the hashtag rose to prominence and tells how you’ll undoubtedly continue using them throughout next year.