Where do you find the right spot for that Mother’s Day brunch this Sunday? Don’t look at us — we’re scrambling, too. But we have selected content marketing news tidbits that can help your prospects and customers feel special before you run out to make Mom feel the same way. This week’s buffet of items includes best practices for mobile video and graphic design, as well as reasons to integrate tried-and-true tactics with the latest social and digital techniques.

Seven Steps You Can Take to Capitalize on the Mobile Video Viewing Shift
By Frank Sinton at MarketingProfs
Having an app strategy in place is central to getting started with mobile video, writes Sinton. For one thing, he notes, research suggests mobile users access apps half the time they’re on smartphones. “People may skip TV commercials and ignore banner ads, but they actively look at their phones and the apps on them,” he writes.

The State of B2B Content Marketing [Infographic]
By Yin Wu at Überflip
This clever visual summary of content marketing today explains why content is critical for an effective sales funnel. The infographic illustrates the value companies now place on content marketing, and why 68 percent of B2B CMOs are increasing their content marketing budgets.

Why E-Mail Newsletters Won’t Die
By Ryan Tate at Wired
Good old-fashioned e-mail still tops reliability for customers seeing your content. Read why social media pioneers are making sure that e-mail marketing continues to be part of their outreach. In one telling quote, Tate records former Huffington Post CTO Paul Berry noting that “No one sends more e-mail than Facebook or Twitter,” because everyone uses e-mail.

TDA-Produced Dell Power Solutions Magazine Wins MAGGIE Award for Best Cover
TDA News Desk
Depicting the intelligent data center with stylized, brain-like neural connections crisscrossing locations, data, and technology just earned TDA another design award. Read our announcement to see what went into the winning entry.