There’s an abundance of digital content available today—but not all of it is worthy of picking. How can you produce the juiciest, most enticing content for your hungry audience? Check out this week’s news digest to learn how to cultivate organic leads with video, compose a tasty press release, generate the perfect blog post, grow sales through social media, and more. And discover how to develop a content-oriented green thumb without getting your hands dirty.

Here’s Proof that Video is Good for SEO
By Agu de Marco at Business 2 Community
Even as search engine optimization continues to change, producing videos remains an effective way to get noticed because they offer an engaging way to reach your audience. But they also let you tap into video search engines, offer additional opportunities for search engine indexing, enable easy sharing, and more. Read this article by de Marco to better understand why video remains king.

Five Simple Ways to Make Your Press Release Stand Out
By Nash Riggins at MarketingProfs
How can you be more successful sharing your news and promoting your brand in the media? Riggins has five recommendations for improving your PR efforts, including tips for writing a more compelling press release and having those press releases picked up by key media outlets.

Elements of the perfect blog post
By Kevin Allen at Ragan’s PR Daily
Like many content marketers, you know blogs offer an important way to convey information to your audience in a short, engaging format. But as the volume of available blog posts rapidly expands, how can you make sure yours are the ones that are read and shared? Allen shares a BlogPros infographic that describes several attributes of the highest-ranking blog posts, from the number of images to the length of the title.

Is Social the Secret to Beating B2B Sales Quotas?
eMarketer Staff Report
Social media might play a key role in helping sales professionals close deals. According to a recent survey by KiteDesk, 74 percent of North American B2B sales professionals who exceeded their quotas claimed to be effective at using social media to their advantage. In fact, these sales professionals believe social media skills are valuable throughout the sales process, from nurturing leads and building a pipeline to closing deals. Learn more in this report from eMarketer.

5 Best Practices to Ensure Your Content Gets Noticed
By Rachel Wolfson at Business 2 Community
With no shortage of content available online today, what distinguishes a good content marketer from a great one? Wolfson draws on what she learned at the Contently West Coast Summit in San Francisco earlier this month to present five best practices for getting your content noticed.