Savvy marketers know that popularity is indeed often a measure of worth – or, at the very least, opportunity. In this week’s news digest you’ll find out how marketers plan to use their budgets in 2014 along with social platform preferences across a range of demographics. Discover why traditional marketing may be on the ropes, and see why name recognition isn’t the only ingredient in ensuring that content becomes, well, more popular.

Budgeting for 2014: Technology, content and social to be top spending areas 
By Kate Maddox at BtoB
According to Maddox, B2B marketing budgets will emphasize marketing automation, content marketing, social media, and mobile. Read her article for the analysis, and see how SAP’s CMO plans to use these investments for partner marketing programs.

Who Uses Social Networks: Age, Race, and Income Breakdown
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
The stats in Nanji’s article may surprise you. His story gives specifics on which demographic groups are popularizing social networking sites.

Content marketing vs. traditional advertising 
By Kevin Allen at Ragan’s PR Daily
If content marketing and traditional advertising were fighting in a ring, which one do you think would have the crowd cheering? Allen uses this infographic to explain how content marketing keeps delivering jabs that have traditional advertising reeling.

How Powerful Content Trumps the Myth of the Expert, Rock Star, or Guru 
By Jon Gelberg at Content Marketing Institute
You don’t have to be a world-renowned name to get your message across to prospects, writes Gelberg. His piece explains how adopting a “how can I help?” attitude can trump the pundit’s “look how smart I am” approach.