Sometimes you have to roll with the punches. This week’s news digest gives you a heads-up on changes that could impact you soon. We cover a big shift in LinkedIn that could affect your company’s presence, reasons to cut your Facebook hashtag count, ways to boost your reach on Instagram, the speed in which Google Glass is becoming relevant, and the likely farewell to single screens. Read on to prepare for the very near future.

Another One Bites the Dust: LinkedIn Kills Company Page Products & Services
By Kurt Shaver at Business 2 Community
LinkedIn will discontinue its Products and Services tabs from Company pages on April 14—which could mean losing a valuable marketing resource for your organization. Get the details about the announcement and see how LinkedIn’s new Showcase pages could provide a path forward.

Too Many Facebook Hashtags Seriously Hurt Your Brand
By Matt Petronzio at Mashable
Over the past few years, Twitter has made most of us hashtag-happy. Maybe not such a good idea on Facebook, as data indicates Facebook influence decreases as the number of hashtags increases. This story describes how you might enhance your company’s Facebook activities.

Instagram Photos With Faces Get 38% More Likes
By Samantha Murphy Kelly at Mashable
Getting the most out of a primarily visual tool such as Instagram can present problems for copy-focused organizations. Kelly’s article may illuminate how data and human nature can help you succeed in the era of the selfie.

USC Is Offering a Google Glass Course for Journalism
By Kurt Wagner at Mashable
If Google Glass’s cutting-edge technology is going to become a legitimate vehicle for B2B content marketing, it first needs to become ubiquitous in the business world. This piece offers you a glimpse of just how that might happen—while changing the nature of journalism fundamentally in the process. Discover why the fall semester at the University of Southern California will feature a “Glass Journalism” course designed to teach storytelling using augmented reality and Google Glass.

16% of TV’s audience is using social media at the same time: stats
By Christopher Ratcliff at Econsultancy
It wasn’t that long ago that the living-room TV was the single most effective way for marketing to reach an audience. Now, more than half of adults interact with another form of media while watching television, with 16 percent actively engaging in social media simultaneously. Ratcliff’s article goes deeper into the research and suggests content marketing plan adjustments to take advantage of the second screen.