Timing is everything when it comes to content that connects. This week’s content marketing digest focuses on best practices for aiming content—and hitting the marketing ROI bulls-eye. You’ll get briefed on where content marketing fits into your overall plan and learn why B2B prospects are becoming moving targets on Twitter. You’ll also find stories about steps in the buyer’s journey, the best time to fire content at other marketers, and new video tactics to add to your SEO arsenal.

Infographic: Where Content Marketing Fits in Your Marketing Plan
By Joe Pulizzi at The Content Marketing Institute
Make sure your aim is true by balancing content marketing efforts with a sound overall marketing strategy. Check out this infographic and article that provide an excellent overview of content marketing, including information on best practices and metrics that can make sure your business hits its marketing goals year after year.

Twitter Is Adding an Option to ‘Mute’ People
By Yoree Koh at The Wall Street Journal
For social messages to land, you need to be sure they’re worthwhile—and that your followers are seeing them. A new mute option will let Twitter users hide your tweets without unfollowing your business. Read this article to see why it’s more important than ever to engage meaningfully and carefully through Twitter to make sure followers don’t put you on time out.

5 Crucial Content Steps in the Buyer’s Journey that Matter
TDA Webinar
To better understand where content can make the most impact in the buyer’s journey, take a look at this video of our recent webinar. Learn the importance of targeting content toward specific sales stages for creating awareness, generating opt-ins and sales-ready leads, speeding conversions, and closing repeat business.

The Best Times to Prospect to Marketers
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Get an edge by finding out when your fellow marketers are most likely to buy. This article examines the buying habits of marketing technology consumers to identify the best times of the year, week, and day to prospect. You’ll also learn the most effective outreach methods to make sure a meeting gets scheduled fast.

Most Commonly-Used Video SEO Techniques
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Helping prospects find your videos is a good way to justify a chunk of your marketing budget. Review the results of this survey of video professionals to understand the most popular SEO techniques in use as well as the most popular channels to distribute video content.