In this week’s travelogue for high-tech marketers, you’ll discover which social media platforms appeal to regional palates around the globe, visit the mysterious kingdom of Google content search rankings, and see why video is the international language of loving your target audiences. After getting shrewd customer retention tips from the entertainment world’s Lady Gaga, fly with us to France where our Gallic friends have concluded that mobile devices are an intrinsic part of daily life—and therefore ripe for taxation. Onward!

Which Social Networks Are Growing Fastest Worldwide?
eMarketer Staff Report
Get to know international preferences for social media better with this piece. According to eMarketer, Facebook is the planet’s most popular social platform, while Google+ ranks a distant second. Marketers with an eye on audiences abroad should be interested in the report’s description of increased global and mobile Facebook usage, along with data about regions where Twitter is rapidly expanding.

Is Google’s love affair with content marketing usurping SEO?
By Jonathan Piggins at The Guardian
Don’t ditch SEO because Google now typically awards higher rankings to sites featuring high-quality content, writes Piggins. Instead, marketers need to ensure that content is compelling—and built on top of SEO strategies such as strong internal navigation.

How to Use Video Content to Drive Awareness, Leads, and Sales: A Guide
By Mark Walker at Content Marketing Institute
Speaking of Google, which form of content does the search engine giant seem to love most? Video, claims Walker, appears more often than other items in Google searches. His piece cites other ways video can be used to increase marketing effectiveness, and explains how to incorporate video into your programs.

Building Loyalty The Lady Gaga Way: Focus On 1% Of Your Customers
By Jackie Huba at Forbes
Take a customer relationship cue from Lady Gaga, writes Huba. She notes that the pop star focuses on nurturing her core audience, who represent a mere one percent of her fans. Similarly, Huba notes, one percent of customers are the most fervent brand advocates in online communities and social media. Focus on retaining these customers, she writes, and you can reap the rewards of a Gaga-like fan base that happily promotes what your company has to offer.

France mulls smartphone tax to fund arts
By Tim Ferguson at Mobile World Live
Mobile devices are now so common that the French government is considering a tax on these gadgets. Ferguson explains that the tax proposal is the result of a desire to “determine how France should adapt to continue its commitment to French-language culture in the digital era,” and that the levy would fund French art, films, and music. That means more content to tweet about, n’est-ce pas?