When you’ve got all the right moves, you can handle tricky situations with aplomb. This week’s digest looks at ways for marketers to negotiate difficult situations with grace. See 11 content mishaps to avoid, and learn how a simple step can prevent awkward tweets. You’ll also find out how to tell important people that they can’t write—and get the latest news about making audiences sway to your beat with landing-page optimization tips, Facebook best practices, and more.

Avoid these 11 content marketing mishaps
By Jim Dougherty at Ragan’s PR Daily
Content may have infinite variations, but marketers tend to make similar mistakes when creating it. Read Dougherty’s rundown to see why the most frequent gaffes happen and learn how they can be avoided.

TweetDeck now helps you avoid embarrassing tweets from the company account
By Napier Lopez at The Next Web
We’ve all done it. You think you’ve sent the perfect tweet, only to discover later that it contained a typo or incorrect URL. Lopez explains how TweetDeck’s (much-needed) new confirmation step can prevent this from ever happening again.

How do you diplomatically tell important people that they can’t write?
By Paul Gustafson at TDA Group
Is it possible to tell someone they can’t construct a meaningful sentence to save their life—without hurting the relationship? Yes, if you do it the right way. TDA President Paul Gustafson shares his tips for breaking the bad news with class and offers a primer on content creation best practices.

The 18 best blogging and publishing platforms on the Internet today
By Owen Williams at The Next Web
Are you using the right blogging platform for your business? Williams investigates the pros and cons of the most popular services, and then delivers a clear verdict on each one.

The Most Effective Landing Page Optimization Tactics
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
Marketers say conducting A/B tests and optimizing copy are the two best ways to boost conversion rates on website landing pages. Read Nanji’s rundown to find out which other tactics work (and which ones do not).

Quick Reference Guide for Facebook Marketers
By Kristi Hines at Social Media Examiner
Want to be a better Facebook marketer? Then check out Hines’s 17 shortcuts for getting the most out of your pages, ads, and groups on the social network.