Some organizations are just going to miss the opportunity train as social media accelerates the pace of change in content marketing. Board this week’s news digest to see how to visualize marketing genius and find out what happens every single minute on the Internet. You’ll learn about the Sponsored Updates launched by LinkedIn, read about the value of video content in your marketing mix, and consider whether—gasp—it’s still worth it have a corporate Facebook page.

A Guide to Marketing Genius: Content Marketing [Infographic]
By Verónica Maria Jarski at MarketingProfs
Visualize becoming a marketing mastermind with this infographic, which explains why content marketing is 62 percent less costly yet generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing. You’ll also find other stats about best practices along with suggestions for measuring success.

Take a Look at What Happens Every Single Minute on the Internet
By Joe Berkowitz at Fast Co.CREATE
How do people use the Internet? This infographic shows the incredible volume of online activity happening every minute, including an average of 2 million Google searches, 11,000 LinkedIn searches, 347 new blog posts, and 278,000 tweets.

Is It Time to Close Your Facebook Page?
By Alon Popilskis at Social Media Today
Popilskis’ article raises a taboo subject: How worthwhile is B2B Facebook activity? According to his piece, posts for the average Facebook brand page are now being seen by less than 10 percent of their intended audiences. So is it still worth it to support your company’s page? This article offers some key issues to consider.

LinkedIn debuts Sponsored Updates content-sharing
BtoB Staff Report
Popular wisdom suggests that many B2B opportunities reside on LinkedIn. This piece explains how the platform’s Sponsored Updates tools allow organizations to share business content such as presentations, videos, and company news.

B2B Marketing: 3 reasons for adopting video content into your marketing mix
By John Tackett at B2B Lead Roundtable Blog
Did you know an estimated 77 percent of Internet users will view video content online by 2016? This blog post highlights three key reasons why adding video content to your marketing mix will be a smart move.