Peek at a few developments likely to affect your work in 2016. Our ever-vigilant eyes have spotted some select and significant trends almost certain to make your content more visible and compelling—and quite possibly increase your slice of the budgetary pie. Find out why content marketers should be pleased about ad blocking, and see the latest news about social media publishing trends. You’ll also discover a primer on increasing messaging effectiveness in video, and get creative advice from the late, great David Bowie.

The Big Agenda: What Lies Ahead for Marketing in an Increasingly Ad-Free Future
By Jack Neff at Advertising Age
You know something’s up when advertising’s biggest industry publication examines a world with decreasing ad opportunities. So what does the venerable mag suggest you do with your ad budget? Target better. Focus on the least-avoidable forms of digital advertising. And…wait for it…invest in content marketing. See why in Neff’s article.

What Publishers Should Expect From Social Media In 2016
By Liam Corcoran at News Whip
Want to make the right moves in 2016? According to Corcoran, you should take a close look at live and vertical video, as well as Instagram as a distribution platform. Read his story to understand why he believes these items—along with instant messaging apps and content length—will matter this year.

Ways that Transcripts and Captions Improve Understanding
By Jay Durgan at MediaMobz
If Corcoran is right about video (and we think he is), then Durgan has more ideas for making the most out of this marketing investment. Get his tips on doing a better job of immersing people in your videos, and find thoughtful suggestions for lowering barriers to comprehension—such as viewing videos on mobile devices in public where turning up the audio isn’t always an option.

The 4 TDA blog posts that really hit home in 2015
By Paul Gustafson at TDA Group
Looking back can help you move forward. In case you missed it, TDA President Paul Gustafson recently analyzed why specific TDA blogs were most popular with B2B marketers in 2015. See why case studies were a hot topic—and why our suggestions for telling important people that they can can’t write hit a nerve with readers.

5 bits of creative wisdom from David Bowie
By Beki Winchel at Ragan’s PR Daily
Continual reinvention defined the late David Bowie’s extraordinary career, and along the way he provided a few quotable gems. Consider our favorite as something to apply to this year: “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.” Winchel offers more creative advice from a man who single-handedly shaped popular trends.