Spring is (finally) here, which means this is the perfect time to do some sprucing up. In this week’s tidy little content digest, learn how to freshen up your social media skills with two new training tools from Facebook. You’ll also discover the most effective way to get messy conversations out of your Twitter feed, which keywords in subject lines make dull business emails shine, and how to use image SEO on web pages to make your site shimmer for search crawlers.

New Facebook Features Provide Training for Marketers
By Mike O’Brien at ClickZ
As Facebook grows ever bigger and more complicated, it’s increasingly important to understand the intricacies of the platform. O’Brien explains how two new tools from the social network—Blueprint and LearnHow—can help marketers create better content.

How to bail out of noisy Twitter conversations using mute
By Roberto Baldwin at The Next Web
Tired of long, uninteresting back-and-forth tweets cluttering your feed? In this piece Baldwin reveals why muting individual users on Twitter’s website isn’t the best approach for silencing a tiresome conversation, and shares a better method for getting out for good.

How Six Common Words Influence 1-to-1 Email Open Rates
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
Do certain terms in business email subject lines—such as “you,” “tomorrow,” and “free”—lead to more or fewer engagements? Nanji examines HubSpot data from 6.4 million messages to see which words help (and hurt) your cause.

How to Use Image #SEO to Build an Unexpected Advantage
By John Boitnott at Search Engine Journal
Images may not quite be worth a thousand words when it comes to SEO, but they are a huge opportunity to make your site stand out on search engine result pages. In this primer, Boitnott tells why on-page visuals are so important and shows how to optimize them effectively.