Differentiation makes all the difference in tech marketing. See how you can shine a light on your offerings in this week’s content marketing digest. We’ve illuminated the way to stories covering effective social media outreach and best practices for improving the impact of visual content. Plus, you’ll discover how to draw attention to the benefits of your solutions, and get a primer on Google Analytics to dim the allure of your competition and brighten your prospects.

The 5 Pillars of Successful Content Marketing
By Steven Macdonald at Content Marketing Institute
Getting content noticed is the initial step in your success, followed by converting that visibility into results. Macdonald lists five pillars he believes are essential to creating valuable content and moving your audience from one buying stage to the next. Read his story for an outline of the process that will turn your content into a traffic driver and lead-generation machine.

The No. 1 Social Media Mistake You’re Making (and Four Ways to Fix It)
By Mike Volpe at MarketingProfs
Creating a social media buzz is one way to garner attention. But you need to make sure that buzz is fueling favorable outcomes. Volpe outlines four ways to enhance your social efforts through clearly defined goals, accurate performance measurement, comparing results against industry benchmarks, and continuous improvement based on a fluid, flexible strategy.

9 Google Analytics Tips to Improve Your Marketing
By Kristi Hines at Social Media Examiner
Speaking of measurement and results, analytics can provide important insight into how your content is performing, including how often your articles are being viewed, best traffic sources, and conversions. Hines shares nine tips to help you get more out of Google Analytics to track results, identify trends, and optimize your content marketing campaigns.

11 Ways to Make Visual Content More Effective
By Pamella Neely at Web Marketing Today
Visual content is essential for social media and audience engagement—as well as for getting other forms of content viewed, downloaded, and shared. Neely serves up 11 ways to apply visual best practices to make your content more compelling, viral, and effective.

Content Marketers, Quit Selling Like It’s 2004 [Infographic]
By Verónica Maria Jarski at MarketingProfs
To cut through the noise and be heard, your content must be relevant and engaging. Jarski offers savvy content-creation tips to engage customers. Quit the sales pitch and give your customers content that resonates, she writes. An infographic looks at where marketers are falling short and shows what they can do to drive the results they need to achieve.