How do you compete with the 100 hours of video YouTube says is uploaded to the site every minute? This week’s news digest looks at getting audiences to actually watch business videos—instead of being distracted by Justin Bieber, funny animals, sports clips, and the items your competitors post. You’ll find tips for boosting traffic, research about the effectiveness of embedding YouTube videos on corporate sites, comparisons with other video-sharing sites, and more.

A Quick (but Thorough) Guide to YouTube Optimization
By Richard Jeng at MarketingProfs
How do you best drive traffic to your YouTube business videos? This primer lists seven steps that Jeng argues are essential for getting audiences to discover your online video content.

YouTube Embeds: Do They Affect The Credibility of Your Website?
By Al Falaschi at ReelSEO
Should you embed a YouTube video on your company site? Falaschi explains research analyzing audience response, impact on brand, and unintended consequences.

Free is Not a Sustainable Business Model – Unless You’re YouTube
By Jonathan G. Mirow at ReelSEO
How the heck did YouTube get so huge? Mirow gives a history of the site from the perspective of a former competitor, and details reasons why YouTube can act like the only video-sharing game in town.

Things You Should Know About YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, and Instagram
By Richard Tiland at Forbes
YouTube isn’t unique in what it offers, of course. Tiland shops the titan’s competition in this article and lists some pros and cons of using YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, and Instagram.