No tricks from us on the first day of April—just the latest gems from the world of content marketing in this week’s news digest. You’ll get nuggets of research data addressing content challenges for technology marketers, find pearls of video marketing wisdom from one of our partners, and discover valuable information for taking B2B audiences to the purchasing prize. Plus, read on for news about tactical trends, and learn why Instagram may be more of a treasure for B2B marketers than previously thought.

Technology Marketers Hold Steady With Content Marketing [Exclusive Research]
By Joe Pulizzi at Content Marketing Institute
No, this isn’t a prank: the Content Marketing Institute says tech marketers have the highest adoption rate (95 percent) of content marketing among all the groups it surveys. But what’s getting in the way of their effectiveness? Pulizzi’s summary of recent CMI research describes what tech marketers can do so it doesn’t seem like they’re fooling around.

B2B in eCommerce: How B2B is Becoming More Like B2C
By Taylor Link at Business 2 Community
Surprise! B2B e-commerce has been catching up to consumer online shopping, writes Link. Since more and more businesses now buy from manufacturers and distributors online, we’re sure many of your calls to action are leading to purchasing options, right?

Half of Americans Aged 12+ Listen to Online Radio Weekly; 1 in 8 to Podcasts
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Remember that childhood prank of silently mouthing words? Your prospects are to be forgiven if they assume you still think this is funny. Here’s why: according to Edison Research and Triton Digital, many of these targets have their ears open for podcasts. Read this summary of these research findings to find out more about the potential of audio in your outreach.

The Road to Great Video Marketing
By Dave Toole at MediaMobz
What’s the secret to successful video marketing? Our friend Dave Toole at TDA video partner MediaMobz isn’t teasing when he asks—and then answers—this rhetorical question. Take a look at his list of four strategic items marketers need to understand to ensure video meets specific goals.

March Marketing Madness: 4 trends to watch
By Paul Gustafson at TDA Group
Our clients aren’t joking around when it comes to tactics that work. Discover what we’re seeing our blue-chip clients focusing on this spring—and beyond. You’ll find out why planning, smart papers, innovation showcases, and repurposing are serious business for technology leaders.

B2B brands enjoy most engagement on Instagram
B2B Marketing Staff Report
Here’s something most marketers might have laughed at this time last year: recent Track Maven research finds Instagram is the social platform where B2B brands see the most engagement. These findings demonstrate why this channel for sharing videos and photos may be something your team needs to add to its content mix.