If you believe many sports pundits, a single game plan adjustment could easily decide this Sunday’s Super Bowl contest between the very similar Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. Sound familiar? High-tech, B2B marketers often find themselves in situations where the products they promote just aren’t all that different from competing offerings.

Consider the two teams on the field this weekend. Both boast perfect Super Bowl records. Both deploy disruptive defenses. Both employ explosive receivers, tight ends, and running backs. And, as we’ve read ad nauseam over the last two weeks, both are led by sibling head coaches from a distinctive football family.

Replace these team attributes with product details and benefits, and it’s not much of a stretch to think of high-tech solutions that, by themselves, can be hard to differentiate from other items on the market. So what’s the winning component of your game plan? This week’s content news digest takes a look at stories that might provide you with a competitive edge — once you get off the couch and head back to work.

What a $4 Mil. Super Bowl Ad Could Buy in Digital
By Jack Marshall at Digiday
Ever wonder what your marketing department could do for the price of a Super Bowl ad? Marshall provides equivalent costs for items such as branded content, video impressions, and interstitials. Bottom line: you’d get a lot for your money.

Social Networking: 45% Check Out Brands’ Pages
By Lenna Garibian at MarketingProfs
Preview the effectiveness of brand pages before those Super Bowl ads lead viewers to social and online locations. According to Garibian, research firm Ipsos has concluded that, worldwide, 45 percent of all adults online check out brand pages — but usage varies widely by gender and geography.

How to Use Google Analytics Advanced Segments
By Alistair Dent at Search Engine Watch
More ways to discover social audience details can be found in this primer covering Google Analytics Advanced Segments. As Dent explains, this tool can quickly group visitors into buckets based upon the features of their visits.

How Virgin Mobile Fell in Love with Content
By Brian Morrissey at Digiday
Going up against bigger organizations with larger marketing budgets can seem like an unfair contest. This piece explains how Virgin Mobile is using content curation to score viral success in the marketplace.

5 signs CMOs are becoming more powerful
By Brian Kardon at iMedia Connection
CMOs are drawing up more of the corporate game plan, thanks to social media and big data, writes Kardon. This story explains why heads of marketing are becoming more important — and why this trend is likely to continue.