Search no further for the latest in content marketing news. This week’s Content Happy Hour is full of Easter egg-like news goodies that include digital marketing spending trends, newly released LinkedIn search capabilities, the latest in mobile behavior metrics, and more. So before you head out for the weekend, take a look at our weekly news digest to see some of the developments in content marketing that may affect your efforts next week when the new quarter begins.

Key Findings From U.S. Digital Marketing Spending Survey, 2013
Gartner, Inc. Staff Report
If you’re looking for metrics that support increasing your budget, read Gartner’s summary of the seven findings in its recent digital marketing spending survey. The firm says that marketing leaders have secured bigger budgets to define markets and attract, acquire, and retain customers — which puts more pressure on marketers to deliver and prove a return on investment. You’ll find out why top priorities for increased budgets in 2013 include social and mobile marketing along with content creation and management — and why up to 50 percent of digital marketing activities are outsourced.

LinkedIn Is Getting Smarter With Enhanced Search Features & Improved Query Results
By Amy Gesenhues at Search Engine Land
Gesenhues reports that professional social networking site LinkedIn has just introduced a new unified search feature and a smarter querty algorithm. These tools, she writes, are designed to provide users with a combined list of people, companies, jobs, and groups in a single, comprehensive results page. Members can then narrow their search results by modifying their filter selections.

The Numbers Around Mobile Commerce
By Chuck Martin at MediaPost
Finding things is part of the theme in Martin’s list of mobile commerce metrics. His report reveals our increased dependence upon mobile devices, and reinforces the importance of having a mobile strategy in place. Some of our favorite items from this story include claims that 85 percent of people would rather go without water than their mobile apps, and that 18 percent of French adults are unable to order dinner without using an app.

Is An MFA The New MBA?
By Stephen Tepper at Fast Company
Tepper makes the case for employers to start searching for a skill often best taught in fine arts programs. As he notes, a recent IBM global study of more than 1,500 CEOs from 60 countries and 33 industries finds that creativity is the most important skill for navigating what Tepper describes as “our increasingly complex, volatile, and uncertain world.”