Like strawberries and chocolate, some things are just meant to go with each other. Read this week’s content marketing news digest to see why mixing LinkedIn with mobile outreach appeals to the palates of target audiences. You’ll find details about the B2B social platform’s mobile strategy that may be useful to your own efforts—as well as articles covering new LinkedIn content apps and curation tools concocted to make B2B marketing efforts more appealing to prospects on the go.

LinkedIn Gets the Message: More Mobile, Please
By Vindu Goel at The New York Times
Goel begins his article by describing LinkedIn’s mobile moment of realization: “Its core audience of white-collar workers is constantly on the go, and the company needs to do a better job of reaching its users beyond the desktop.” Read this article if you’ve reached a similar conclusion about your target audiences. You’ll see why LinkedIn has created specific content apps for particular users, and why it anticipates that over half of all visits globally will come from mobile devices in 2014.

LinkedIn Unleashes Trio of Apps to Connect the Modern Worker
By Alice Truong at Fast Company
Get more details about three of the mobile apps LinkedIn unveiled this week. Truong’s article looks at the revamped iPad app, LinkedIn Intro, and the Pulse news reader—which may have far-reaching consequences for content curation.

LinkedIn drives more website traffic than any other social network
By Steve Rayson at Ragan’s PR Daily
You can’t be everywhere in social media, no matter how large your resources. So what to focus on? Rayson’s dispatch may help. He cites recent survey data from investor relations firm Investis that claims 64 percent of all visits to corporate websites from social media sites stem from LinkedIn. You’ll also see how Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and others fare.

Smartphone And Tablet Traffic Now Accounts For 41% Of YouTube Views
By Carla Marshall at ReelSEO
LinkedIn isn’t the only social network with growing mobile usage. Read Marshall’s article to understand why YouTube views from mobile devices have increased 35 percent over the last two years—and what the future may have in store for small-device viewing.

Pew: One in three Americans owns a tablet, one in four owns an e-reader, and 43% have one or the other
By Emil Protalinski at The Next Web
According to Protalinski, the venerable Pew Research Center finds skyrocketing growth in tablet and e-reader use throughout the United States—and high-income individuals are most likely to own these devices. You know, the kind of people who would probably make big-ticket, enterprise purchasing decisions. Just sayin’.