It’s tricky—and costly—to navigate a world filled with ROI rabbit holes, oodles of influencers, and an ever-growing need for fresh content. This week’s digest explores how you can save money by hiring a content curator to repurpose existing assets, four key ROI questions every marketer should ask, and how to quickly plug into the networks of your industry’s key players. You’ll even find some earth-shattering SEO shakeups and irksome “Word Crimes.”

Why We Are Hiring for a New Content Role (and You Should Too)
By Joe Pulizzi at Content Marketing Institute
Want to refresh your content without spending a king’s ransom? Trust us, all content marketers do. Pulizzi explains why it’s necessary to hire a content curator to take your strategy to the next level with an internal audit of existing assets. What you find, and how you can creatively use that data, may surprise you.

Content Marketing ROI – More Than A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole
By Michael Brenner at B2B Marketing Insider
Don’t jump down the rabbit hole like Alice! Brenner uses this Alice in Wonderland analogy to show how many marketers blindly dive into content marketing. His article reveals four critical questions every marketer must ask to set priorities and properly understand content marketing ROI. Answer them and you’ll soon grin like the Cheshire Cat.

Thought Leadership Strategy: A Three-Step Framework for Influencer Outreach
By Stephanie Beadell at the Content Marketing Institute
A marketing campaign’s successful influencer outreach strategy can mean the difference between hundreds or thousands of views. But how many hours a day can you realistically spend discovering key influencers? Beadell’s simple, three-step framework can help you streamline your outreach process, create useful lists, and connect with key players.

The Biggest SEO Shakeups of All Time
By Erik Devaney at HubSpot
Google’s SEO shakeups strike fear in the hearts of even hardened digital marketers. Read Devaney’s take on the most earth-shattering search engine optimization algorithm changes to rock the marketing world. While you may quiver at recalling the “Florida” update of 2003 or the “Vince” changes of 2009, Devaney points out the positive: the impact they’ve had on how marketers think of SEO today.

“Word Crimes” Is Literally the Greatest English Lesson Ever
By Mary Elizabeth Williams at Salon
If you haven’t watched the “Weird Al” Yankovic video, “Word Crimes,” well, we can’t imagine where you’ve been hiding. If you—like millions of others—already have seen this parody of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” you’ve likely marveled at its cleverness. Williams pays proper homage to the song’s genius and explains why Yankovic will make copy editors weep with gratitude.