Get out of that secluded location. Bypass the basement stairs. Don’t run from danger in stiletto heels. And be sure to ward off professional perils with this week’s content marketing news digest. This Friday the 13th version is full of news content marketers can use to increase their luck attracting target audiences. Shine a light on lead-generating content, see how an industry leader escapes marketing challenges, discover how short video thrills prospects, and more.

Er, we mentioned that you shouldn’t go down into the basement, right? Just wanted to make sure.

B2B Lead Generation: What Marketers Want 
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
If you’re scared that you don’t know when a prospect is likely to buy, you’re not alone. According to Nanji, knowing a purchaser’s buying horizon is the most valued—and elusive—data point B2B marketers seek. Read his article to find out other metrics competitive marketing organizations value, along with the kinds of content most likely to generate leads.

Why Do Content Marketing? 
By Michael Brenner at B2B Marketing Insider
Confused about which way to turn? Relax. “The best media plan is an integrated one,” writes Michael Brenner, vice president of global marketing at SAP, who explains how his company goes about content marketing. Read his piece for mistakes to avoid, testing tips, and advice on choosing effective social media platforms. Creating ‘Snackable Content’ 
eMarketer Staff Report
CRM behemoth is using short videos to get prospects to devour company messages. Michael Peachey, senior director of solution marketing at, explains how in this Q&A—and discusses the need to make content more mobile.

Why Apple Unveiled 2 iPhones This Year 
By Seth Fiegerman at Mashable
Mobile plot twists and turns can be found in Fiegerman’s observation that Apple has broken with company tradition by releasing two phone models simultaneously. The reason the company isn’t following its successful tactic of launching a single smartphone at a time? Fiegerman suggests that the mid-tier and lower-end markets—which are consuming more content than ever—are opportunities just too rich for the Cupertino juggernaut to pass up.

Iran’s Cabinet Signs Up For Banned Facebook 
By Nasser Karimi and Brian Murphy at The Huffington Post
Zombies are real, that noise outside has to be something, and social media presence is essential. If anyone in your organization is skeptical about the latter, point ‘em to this article. Sure, Facebook is still banned for average citizens in Iran, but the country’s new presidential cabinet has apparently signed up for Zuck’s platform to make the best possible showing in the international court of public opinion.