Before you sign off for the long weekend, take a peek at news that examines widening your influence in the weeks ahead. Our news digest may help you do a better job of attracting B2B buyers. Understand the importance of Google expanding search functionality to cover tweets, and then read about ways to cross-promote your social profiles through Facebook. Learn best practices for making a good impression on the phone, review a proofreading checklist, and more.

Google Search now includes tweets on mobile, coming soon to desktop browsers
By Emil Protalinski at VentureBeat
Your potential for social and mobile influence may have just expanded. According to Protalinski, Google Search will now surface tweets on its mobile results page. This means users not only view the tweet’s content, but also its particular context. Good thing you invested in that content stream, right?

How to Cross Promote Your Social Profiles With Facebook
By Andrea Vahl at Social Media Examiner
If you’re in tech, you’re almost certainly familiar with the ongoing challenge of siloed information. Problem is, you’re probably living it too, with unique profiles on each social media channel. Read Vahl’s article for a list of ways to promote yourself across channels—and potentially grow your audience as well.

Twitter Seeks Path to More Video Bingers
By Tim Peterson at Advertising Age
Twitter wants to grow its influence, too. And that’s good news for any marketer with a robust video program. According to Peterson, Twitter now displays a link to “view more videos” after someone finishes watching a Twitter-native video, but that link only opens a list of other native videos posted by the same account as the video that person just watched. To get people to binge on videos, Peterson says Twitter is looking at ways to extend this functionality.

5 Tips for Making a Good First Impression on a B2B Phone Call
By Bob Davies at Salesforce Blog
It’s not easy to grow your influence when you sound tongue-tied and unsure over the phone. Your sales colleagues (who depend on you for their pipelines) know this. Take a look at Davis’s primer for tips on sounding confident, assured, and helpful.

9 tips for better proofreading
By Laura Hale Brockway at Ragan’s PR Daily
Wut duz proofreeding half to do with you’re adience taken you seriosly? Oh, never mind. You get the point. Brockway shares some proofreading best practices essential for any content marketing program.