Join us as we toast winners of the marketing trifecta: organizations that master social media, mobile outreach, and content marketing. This edition of our weekly racing form for marketers starts with a look at the winning odds for combining these tactics – and then moves on to tips for spreading social media bets. You’ll also find advice for taking targeted content down the final stretch, and discover how to keep your seat on the e-book production steeplechase. Cheers!

Social, Mobile, Content – The Digital Marketing Trio Of 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Shea Bennett at Media Bistro
This digital tote board illustrates the potential winnings from incorporating social, mobile, and content into marketing programs. Bennett reveals the number of online users who rely on social media to make purchases, gives new mobile marketing statistics, and shows why the odds favor more sales for firms that invest in content marketing.

Influencer Marketing: Stop Looking for the Pied Piper
By Matt Hixson at Spin Sucks
Concentrating on a few promising influencers at the social media track is a poor gamble, cautions Hixson. Instead, he writes, marketers should spread their bets by laying the turf for social communities that are more likely to provide long-term relationships and increased brand trust.

The B2B Buyer Journey: Moving From Catalyst to Closer with Content
By Erica Bell at
Bell notes that heading down the sales stretch gets harder for many B2B companies. According to her story, 43 percent of B2B firms now experience extended sales cycles, largely because more decision makers are involved in purchasing. Getting back on the fast track, she writes, requires implementing specific content marketing and social media tactics right out of the gate.

Three Things That Will Sink Your E-book
By Paul Gustafson at TDA Group
Good things don’t always arrive in triplicate. In this blog post, TDA President Paul Gustafson urges marketers to remove the blinders that can cause three common – and preventable – e-book mistakes.