OK, the party’s over. It’s a new year, and that means new content marketing resolutions. Relax. This week’s content marketing digest examines ways to move the needle on metrics that matter most. Learn why viewers are tuning out of your video content, and get insight into best practices for social media planning. You’ll also find ways to attract more LinkedIn leads, discover how to break bad email habits, and see a couple of fun videos about optimizing content mix.

11 Guaranteed Reasons Why No One Is Watching Your Video Content
By Carla Marshall at ReelSEO
Resolved to increase video views? You might make it happen by understanding the obstacles that prevent viewers from finding, watching, and sharing your next cinematographic masterpiece. Read Marshall’s article for tips on capturing and growing your video audience.

TDA Holiday Gift Guide for Year-Round B2B Content
TDA Group Video
While we’re on the subject of video, did you miss our holiday video? Take a look to find suggestions for keeping your content marketing resolutions in the months ahead. Plus, there’s a cute office dog, and how can you go wrong with that?

6 Ways to Attract More LinkedIn Leads
By Kristina Jaramillo at Social Media Examiner
Fired up for getting more leads this year? Read Jaramillo’s suggestions for making LinkedIn a solid source for leads—and tying the social platform into your content marketing efforts.

How Long Does It Take to Plan Facebook, Twitter Content?
eMarketer Staff Report
It helps to make goals realistic. Hone your 2015 planning cycles with this article from eMarketer. You’ll find a summary of recent research that explains how to schedule and optimize content for sites like Facebook and Twitter.

7 Email Habits You Need to Break
By Lisa Evans at Fast Company
You’re probably guilty of at least one of the seven deadly email sins Evans lists in her article. Read her piece to see why these email actions are unhealthy choices if you want to be productive, and see what you can do to kick these nasty habits.

Instructions for mixing a heady content cocktail
TDA Group Video
What better way to kick off 2015 than with the right blend of content? Watch TDA President Paul Gustafson demonstrate how to mix a heady content cocktail you can enjoy throughout the year.