More is always better when it comes to numbers of engaged audience members. Read this week’s news digest to get the latest developments in attracting the influential people your revenue goals depend on. See which search engine ranking factors are most important and find tips for mastering compelling visual content. Plus, learn how to increase email engagement and improve delivery rates, and find out why Facebook is hopping on the long-form content bandwagon.

Search Ranking Studies: Trends and Important Factors
MarketingCharts Staff Report
This MarketingCharts staff report provides a breakdown of the most important factors that impact search rankings from two recent studies. Read the summary highlights, including a list of the 10 most influential ranking factors.

Five Tips for Increasing Email Engagement and Improve Inboxing
By Ivy Shtereva at MarketingProfs
While social media gets most of the press, email still delivers a powerful marketing punch. Shtereva offers five tips that can help make sure your emails reach the inboxes of your most selective audiences and keep them engaged.

Facebook takes on Medium and LinkedIn with new Notes look
By Mathew Ingram at Fortune
Facebook apparently just realized it needs long-form content to compete with platforms that appeal to B2B audiences such as, say, LinkedIn. Ingram’s examination tells how Facebook’s revamped Notes feature is meant to provide a full-featured blogging environment.

How to Get Noticed: 3 Instagram Marketing Strategies
By Josh Brown at Content Marketing Institute
Visual content can prove instrumental in helping you get noticed and shaping your brand. Brown outlines three Instagram marketing strategies and provides real-world examples from the B2C world that B2B marketers might want to check out.

The Science of Instagram: How to Get More Likes [Infographic]
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
While we’re on the subject of Instagram, why not delve into the science of its appeal? Nanji’s article summarizes research findings from award-winning social media scientist Dan Zarrella. His study examined nearly 1.5 million images to help identify the elements that generate more Instagram likes. An infographic highlights key findings and insights.