Hooray! This week is almost over—but the content relevance battle will still be raging when you settle back in your chair on Monday. Prepare. Read this week’s digest for news about the importance of content audits, influencer marketing tips, and why marketing to existing customers boosts revenue. Plus, you’ll see what a Gartner analyst says are the five phases of content marketing maturity, and a list of clichés to avoid when you step back into the fray next week.

Avoid the Museum of Dead Content: What to Do When Web Content Expires
By Dominic Smith at MarketingProfs
“Nothing sends potential customers away faster than dead content,” writes Smith, a content strategist at cloud solution provider Rackspace. Read his article for suggestions on conducting content audits, finding the right homes for content that still has potential, and terminating content without harming SEO.

A Content Marketing Plan for Turning Your Influencers Into Partners
By Amanda Maksymiw at The Content Marketing Institute
Marketers frequently analyze the buyer’s journey, but what does the journey of the influencer look like? Maksymiw describes approaches to nurturing and cultivating these allies whose endorsements can significantly boost content marketing programs.

Why Companies Need to Market – and Not Just Sell – to Existing Customers
Gartner Research News Summary
The buyer’s journey doesn’t end at initial purchase, of course. And now research firm Gartner has concluded that marketing to existing customers can increase revenues by up to 20 percent. This summary of new research from the firm shows why mapping content to the buyer’s ongoing journey is critical for continued success.

The Five Phases of Content Marketing Maturity
By Jake Sorofman at Forbes
Can you grade your level of content marketing sophistication? This opinion piece from Gartner research director Jake Sorofman may help—if advice counseling hard work doesn’t scare you off. Sorofman writes: “You wouldn’t expect marketers, of all people, to be rendered speechless. But that’s roughly what happens when they’re asked to sustain the daily discipline of content marketing.” To attain that discipline, he lists five phases of content marketing maturity.

150 clichés and ‘verbal crutches’ to avoid
By Russell Working at Ragan’s PR Daily
Working’s story reminds us to say what we mean—and lists a number of ways not to go about it. In a nutshell, this game-changing article doubles down on hot-button phrases to throw under the bus so you can don the mantle of a state-of-the-art communicator who knows, at the end of the day, when not to drink the prevailing Kool-Aid when push comes to shove.