Feel like a jack-of-all-trades? No wonder. Effective content marketers must excel at a variety of tasks in numerous settings—and on multiple platforms. This week’s digest looks at recent developments that can make you more effective. You’ll discover which brands publish the most influential content on LinkedIn, find out what prevents content from going viral, view blog design issues, and peek at the ever-growing numbers behind one of mobile’s most popular platforms.

The Top 10 Brands With the Most Influential Content Marketing on LinkedIn [Infographic]
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
Which brands are winning at content marketing on LinkedIn? Read Nanji’s article to see why media and tech companies led a recent list of global brands that have the most influence on the platform. You’ll learn why the technology sector is creating highly effective content for LinkedIn.

Five Reasons Your Awesome Content Isn’t Going Viral [Infographic]
By Verónica Maria Jarski at MarketingProfs
Every content marketer craves the secret sauce for creating viral content, but even the best-laid plans can yield lackluster results. Take a break from concentrating on the many things you’re doing right and consider Jarski’s five reasons—such as lack of emotional appeal and bad timing—why your content could be in a rut.

Are You Bungling Your Blog Homepage Design?
By Rachel Sprung at HubSpot
Are you so focused on creating influential, shareable blog content that blog design has become an afterthought? If so, it’s time to refocus, writes Sprung. Her piece takes a close look at six major home page design fails (think: missing social buttons, hard-to-find subscription forms) that could be thwarting your blog’s success.

Instagram Reaches Almost One-Third of the US Adult App Audience
MarketingCharts Staff Report
If your company hasn’t already jumped on the Instagram wagon, consider what MarketingCharts recently discovered: the network reached nearly one-third of all adult smartphone mobile media users in the United States in May. Still not convinced? The photo-sharing app continues to grow; it now ranks as the eighth-largest app by reach.

What Clients Expect of Marketing and Ad Agencies
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
What do agency folks need to do right to keep clients happy? Pretty much everything. A recent survey asked top executives to list what they expect of the agencies they employ, and 11 traits were cited as being very or extremely important. Top among them? Understanding business objectives and constantly thinking about the client’s needs.