Sports not your thing? You’re in luck. This week’s Super Bowl–themed TDA Content Happy Hour is stacked with information you can use to steer office football talk toward ways to improve your marketing game plan. You’ll find articles your team can use to run up your social media score, information about how your competitors are trying to get better field position with more marketing budget, and a visual marketing lesson found in the history of two NFL team logos.

Don’t try too hard to please Twitter—and other lessons from The New York Times’ social media desk
By Michael Roston at NiemanLab
Successful football teams often attribute their success to the mastery of fundamentals. So how does the social media desk at the New York Times continue to make forward progress with its worldwide audience? Roston, senior staff editor for social media at the venerable news source, lists how he and his colleagues make sure short-form content is appealing to over 15 million Twitter followers.

Super Logo Bowl: The Design History Of The Patriots and Seahawks
By John Brownlee at Fast Company
If any organization knows visual marketing, it’s the National Football League. Read Brownlee’s history detailing how the logos of the two contenders in this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX evolved. And then impress your standing with sports fans at halftime (and co-workers on Monday) by explaining how the dynamic logos of both the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks use a horizontal plane orientation and a minimum of colors to ensure reproduction in multiple mediums.

Twitter unveils video and group-messaging features
By Caitlin Huston at MarketWatch
The Twitter roster of playmakers has expanded, reports Huston. Her article gives the details about Twitter’s plans to lets users shoot, edit, and tweet 30-second videos. The ability to record 30-second videos is big; previous videos were limited to 15 seconds, and could sometimes be shared only as a URL. For B2B marketers, this development could well open up new ways to score.

Social Data’s Influence on B2B Sellers and Buyers [Infographic]
By Verónica Maria Jarski at MarketingProfs
How does social media perform on the playing field of the marketplace? According to Jarski,
some 84 percent of B2B executives use social media as a source for making purchase decisions—and a total of 72 percent of B2B buyers use social media to research solutions. Read her story and view the accompanying infographic to see performance stats that should interest your team.

B-to-B Marketing Budgets to Increase an Average 6%
By Kate Maddox at Advertising Age
Take a peek at competitor playbooks in this summary of recent Forrester Research marketing spend analysis. You’ll find out why B2B marketing budgets are going to increase by an average of 6 percent this year—and discover the reasons content marketing and social media are picked to become the superstars in this year’s marketing blitzes.