Friday the 13th? Bah. We think preparation and observation ward off bad luck and exasperation. This week’s edition of our news digest features stories that may turn perceived bad luck into good fortune. You’ll find news about metrics that should really drive marketing efforts, the pitfalls of Google+ for content marketers, what lead-generation campaigns really need from content marketing, a primer on hyphen use, and a guide to jargon you should avoid today—or any day.

So, knock on wood, toss salt over your shoulder, and read on.

Marketing Metrics That Matter [Cheat Sheet]
By Matt Wesson at Salesforce Pardot
Recent years have seen an evolution in measurement that can throw any pro for a loop. By knowing which metrics matter most and which are vanity numbers that don’t benefit the business, you’ll be ready when it’s time to report to the CMO. Read the article for a handy visual guide that should improve the odds of communicating your campaign’s true success with precision.

Google Plus Users Haven’t Learned to Share
By Garett Sloane at AdWeek
Before you put all your resources into a social campaign that targets Google+, take a moment to understand what works—and what doesn’t work—on the site. Content marketers in particular should take pause. Despite a high number of users, shares rank lowest among major social venues. Avoid the bad luck of invisible content by taking a moment to read the full story.

B2B Lead Generation: What Top Performers Do Different
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
This recent report highlighting lead-generation practices of B2B marketers uncovers a major concern: with the exception of educating prospects, most top performers still lack confidence in their content marketing capabilities. The silver lining? There’s a lot of room to generate good luck by taking a look at the full report and focusing your content initiatives on the parts of the sales cycle that need the most help.

Heading off hyphenation headaches
By Laura Hale Brockway at Ragan’s PR Daily
All marketers want their content to look as professional as possible, but there’s one mark of punctuation that seems to defy consistency in compound-heavy B2B marketing: the lowly hyphen. With this short guide, you can rest assured you’re publishing clean copy this Friday the 13th.

How to get more retweets: USE CAPITAL LETTERS
By Chris Matyszczyk at CNET
While most of us try to avoid drawing too much attention to ourselves on Friday the 13th, we probably wouldn’t say the same for our social content. In fact, it appears as if the equivalent of shouting across the Internet—TYPING IN ALL CAPS—helps boosts retweets, regardless of how annoying it can be. So don’t be shy; read this piece so you can be prepared to extend your reach—and earn a few eye rolls—this Friday.

Jargon that should be retired before 2014 
By Valerie Pritchard at Ragan’s PR Daily
Two of a content marketer’s biggest fears are sending a message that’s ignored, or worse yet, laughed at. Yet B2B marketing is an industry plagued by jargon that prospects can tune out or laugh off the screen. Improve your message—and your fortunes in propagating it—by reviewing this year’s outgoing jargon. This article not only identifies the worst offenders, it provides alternatives so you can deliver with impact.