Your task? Ensure compelling content. That’s why this week’s digest looks at the latest news about sharpening storytelling skills. You’ll learn how to develop content through a five-part framework and get media company secrets that boost content marketing success. Plus, see how to turn your sales folks into decent storytellers, uncover 26 ways to jump-start social media updates, and discover how to avoid social media metric mistakes.

Content Marketing Institute’s Robert Rose: Marketers Get Strategic With Content, Planning
By Leah Betancourt at Business 2 Community
To create truly effective pieces of content, companies need to take the next step and become media outlets, argues Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute. That evolution begins with viewing content marketing as a product rather than as a series of one-off campaigns, he writes. How do you start making this transition? Read on to find out.

Your Salespeople Should Tell Great Customer Stories—Not Just Rattle Off Features
By Michael Harris at MarketingProfs
Customers hate speaking with salespeople during the buying process. Why? Blame too much focus on product and too little on business value. Harris explains why salespeople are not effectively sharing customer stories, and gives advice on solving this problem.

26 Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates
By Ali Luke at Social Media Examiner
Are your social media posts starting to feel repetitive? Freshen things up with suggestions found in this A to Z rundown of ways to deliver a never-ending supply of updates. Luke’s list includes topics for weekly themes, as well as some unconventional suggestions, such as going negative and finding your inner Zen.

Organic Search Said to Drive Vast Majority of B2B Traffic
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Nearly three-quarters of traffic to business services websites still comes from organic search, according to a global analysis of billions of pieces of Web content. Across all industries, that number drops to 51 percent, but organic search still beats paid search, which highlights the importance of B2B SEO.

5 Vital Classes of Content: A Simple Framework
By Jeff Freund at Content Marketing Institute
Customers flee from weak content—and into the arms of the competition. Use Freund’s simple, five-part content framework to attract and retain customers, and convert their interest into sales.

How Companies Fail With Social Media Metrics
By Andrew Garberson at MarketingProfs
Whether your company eschews social media metrics or holds them as hallowed, your approach may be doing more harm than good. Garberson tells why finding the middle ground in social data analysis is the key to achieving business objectives.