Those words you’re writing? They’re so money. Or at least they can be if you’re committed to high-quality content creation. Discover why sharp, clear language is vital to search engine optimization success in this week’s edition of our content marketing digest. Plus, learn 10 things B2B marketers should be doing on Twitter, see why social media marketing isn’t only about the big platforms, and get help with trimming the fat from your meeting schedule.

The Top Google Search Rank Factors in 2014
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
Search engine optimization has become all about content optimization, writes Nanji. New research shows Google’s search algorithm increasingly values content factors—such as longer word counts and crisp, understandable language—over traditional signals such as site speed. Read on to find out which SEO tactics now result in the highest rankings.

Search Ranking Factors Data Points to Importance of Quality Content
MarketingCharts Staff Report
What’s that you hear? Ah yes—it’s the sound of another report reminding us that top-notch content is essential for organic search success. Learn why keywords still matter, discover the importance of backlinks, and note how rich media is currently influencing search results.

10 Things B2B Marketers Should Be Doing On Twitter
By Kelly Jo Horton at Business 2 Community
Worried you’re not making the most of your tweets? Horton highlights 10 savvy Twitter techniques for B2B marketers, including ways to prove your company is a thought leader, and reasons why you should write tweets that are 120 characters or less.

How Are Enterprises Using Social Marketing—and Where Are They Seeing the Best Results?
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Social marketing isn’t just about the major social networks, according to this MarketingCharts piece. A new study shows the brightest marketing managers at enterprise companies have moved beyond simply using the obvious public platforms and are now hosting branded communities and content on their own sites.

6 Steps to Fewer, Shorter and More Efficient Meetings
By Eli Epstein at Mashable
Too many intra-office meetings are superb at slowing down content creation. Epstein outlines six strategies for eliminating the most useless meetings on your calendar and taking full advantage of the ones that matter—so you can get back to building a content marketing machine.