Feeling a little parched? Explaining the need to establish a dedicated social desk can make a content marketer thirsty. They have to deal with more feeds, interaction, curation, and metrics that must be integrated into the marketing mix – and handled by people who understand how social media should support goals and strategies. Dumping these activities onto an already busy marketer’s plate – or assigning them to an entry-level employee – will get predictably disappointing results. Organic growth and increased social influence without hands-on attention is wishful thinking.

At last, the weekend is almost here. But before you log off, take a look at the first story in this edition of our weekly news digest. The article provides more reasons to establish a dedicated social media desk. Plus, you’ll get the latest research findings about the high value of inbound marketing, a list of phrases that can kill credibility, and some handy Excel shortcuts that may help your social budgeting and planning.

Why Putting The Intern In Charge Of Social Media Is A Recipe For Disaster
By Matthew Peneycad at Business 2 Community
Interns in charge of social media? Sure. While you’re at it, why not have your four-year-old take the wheel on the next trip to grandma’s house? Peneycad provides compelling reasons for staffing social desks with professionals who understand what your business is trying to accomplish.

10 Inbound Discoveries That Will Disrupt Marketing Forever
By Mike Volpe at HubSpot
According to HubSpot’s recent annual survey of marketing professionals, inbound marketing pours 54 percent more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound methods. Read this story to discover why the report claims 58 percent of companies plan to execute inbound marketing strategies in 2013, and 48 percent of marketers plan to increase their inbound marketing spend this year.

20 words and phrases that will doom your pitch
By Russell Working at Ragan’s PR Daily
Some things never change. Journalists, bloggers, and other folks you need to influence still mock press releases and e-mails that rely on overblown words and phrases. We think you’ll enjoy this list of terms to avoid, but we were disappointed that “pop” wasn’t included. There should be a penalty for its overuse in creative discussions. Sorry, but employing the term is no substitute for just admitting you really don’t know how to describe something.

12 Basic Shortcuts That Will Make You An Excel Guru And Add Hours To Your Life
By Walter Hickey at Business Insider
The “Control” button is your pal; finish those budgets and breakdowns faster with these 12 handy Excel shortcuts. The accompanying photo of an apparently twelve-year-old Bill Gates beaming at an early version of the program is a nice touch, too.