November: Family, friends, football—and well, flailing. While it’s often the busiest month of the year for content marketers, it can also be a time when content marketers paradoxically become less effective. Read this week’s news digest to see what pitfalls to avoid so that November becomes the cornerstone of a strong quarter. These news items may also help you prepare for the weeks after Thanksgiving, so you can enjoy a well-earned, end-of-the-year holiday reward.

(Apologies to our Canadian friends who have already celebrated Thanksgiving, as well as to our contacts in Europe and South Asia who are sometimes unsure what to make of our November holiday.)

34 reasons content marketing campaigns fail 
By Jackson Wightman at Ragan’s PR Daily
There are more than 34 reasons content marketing campaigns fail, of course, but Wightman’s compilation is a good start. Read his article for a quick primer on things to avoid as you prepare for a strong quarter’s end.

A six step guide to using Twitter for competitor analysis
By David Moth at Econsultancy
Don’t just focus on you, writes Moth, who explains that Twitter should be viewed as more than just a soapbox for the content you produce. Take a look at his short piece to understand how Twitter can help discover what competitors are doing—and how to use this knowledge to produce better content than competing organizations.

6 Things that Can Scare Readers Off Your Email List
By Leanne Kennis at Constant Contact
Why heap time and expense on e-mail campaigns only to discover skyrocketing opt-out rates? These six tips may help you increase open and click rates instead.

LinkedIn Membership Growth Accelerates
By Reed Albergotti at The Wall Street Journal
Ignore the content marketing potential of LinkedIn at your peril. Albergotti’s story looks at the B2B social network’s explosive growth and what it means for reaching target audiences through mobile campaigns.

At BtoB’s Digital Edge Live: Reaching customers in ‘the noisiest world ever’
By Mary E. Morrison and Christopher Hosford at BtoB
Getting your voice heard above the noise of the crowd is simply becoming harder. Read Morrison and Hosford’s summary of what leading marketers say can be done to get your message heard by the right people.