With the pace of business today, it can be easy to forget that content marketing is a long-distance run, not a sprint. To compete, you need a steady, sure pace to turn customer conversations into sales conversions. Get set with an infographic that builds your endurance, break out of the pack with new insight into mobile, avoid the challenges of tripping up your peers, keep moving with the basics of good content, and set your sights on the finish line with insight into social media and SEO.

Time Share on Mobile Devices Expected to Grow to 23 Percent in 2014
By Caysey Welton at Folio:
Are you ready for mobile to pull ahead of online media this year? eMarketer says mobile usage is expected to outpace online channels by more than 5 percent in 2014. Welton’s article tells how first-time digital media has surpassed TV as the leading media platform, and why marketers must carefully assess their mobile strategies.

The Content Marketing Marathon (Infographic)
By Meg Sutton at Business 2 Community
Effective content marketing demands endurance. Check out this step-by-step content marketing marathon infographic to learn the importance of preparation, teamwork, and consistent content curation for building a content marketing strategy that goes the distance.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Enterprise Marketers Challenged with Content Marketing Integration
Content Marketing Institute Staff Summary
Without the right groundwork, even the best content can falter. A new study by the Content Marketing Institute finds that a documented content marketing strategy can help content marketers improve effectiveness by 17 percent. This press release, B2B Enterprise Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends–North America, summarizes how your peers are planning content strategies and marketing budgets in the coming year.

Why Good Content Is a Must
By Arnt Eriksen at The Huffington Post
Review the basics of good content to make sure you have good form to match. This article from Norwegian design and social media maven Eriksen reminds us why great content marketing is about the relationship with your audience, not the short-turn sell.

The Dirty Secret about Social Media and SEO
By Daniel Threlfall at Business 2 Community
Read Threlfall’s story for an explanation about why social signals don’t affect search rankings—and discover how to get the most out of social search.