Summer vacation is over. The kids are going back to school, and you’re heading back to work. Now it’s time for a “back-to” inventory to ensure everyone has what they need to succeed. The kids may get by with pencils, pens, and a new backpack. But as a marketer, you require something a little more sophisticated.

Do you have the information you need to ace that presentation or pass this fall’s new product launch with flying colors? Here is a handy end-of-summer tech checklist to help you gear up for the tasks ahead:

  • Strategy and messaging: How long has it been since you clarified your objectives and defined target audiences? Update your data and assess your current efforts against the latest information. Then you can create strategy and messaging that resonates with key personas you need to reach.
  • Growth marketing: Have your company’s innovators just created the next big thing in tech? Bundle proven best practices for market disruption into a comprehensive marketing campaign for your innovative technology.
  • Sales acceleration content: Supercharge sales with content marketing that speeds the customer journey. Create assets that are persuasive, accurate, and filled with business benefits for each stage of the journey from initial exploration to purchasing decision.
  • Executive communications: Are you leveraging the distinctive voices of your experts to deliver effective marketing communications? Help your leaders craft crisp, compelling blogs, articles, videos, press releases, and more to get your company’s messages across.
  • Partner marketing: Does your company work with technology partners? Explore the possibility of producing shared sales assets or co-branded thought-leadership articles. Are resellers a key sales channel for you? New reseller-facing materials might be in order.
  • Reference programs: Satisfied customers make powerful advocates. Find customers who agree to be featured in case studies, interview them based on carefully prepared questions, and deliver the content in the most effective formats for your audiences.

If you’ve checked one or more of these items as needing attention—or as a new tool to add to your marketing kit—consider tapping into the expertise of a top content marketing agency like TDA Group. We’ll help you create powerful, integrated marketing that will help put new checkmarks in the win column while maximizing the return on your marketing investments.

Things will only get busier in the coming months. Now is the time to step back, assess your needs, and acquire the capabilities to make it a great year.

Ready to get things moving? Let’s talk.