Advantages await marketers who follow the latest content marketing news developments. In this edition of our weekly digest, you’ll discover why you should spend more on visual assets, focus on creating mobile content, and carefully craft your email subject lines. You’ll also learn why content marketers should understand CRM software purchasing decisions and examine a future Facebook tagging feature that could spark additional opportunities.

Study: Marketers Want More Money for Visual Content
By Kate Maddox at Advertising Age
A majority of senior marketers recognize that visual assets are critical to engaging their audience. But according to a CMO Council study, less than a third are allocating enough of their budget to produce photos, videos, illustrations, infographics, and other visual media. Uncover the causes of these low investments and see where the greatest growth in visual spending is likely to occur.

How Many People Are Mobile Addicts?
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
Are you a mobile addict? If so, you’re not alone. Think of all those potential prospects. According to a report by Flurry from Yahoo, approximately 280 million people worldwide launch applications on their devices an average of 60 times or more per day. While the number of mobile addicts is rising rapidly, the report says there are also growing numbers of “regular” and “super” users. Find out more in this article from MarketingProfs.

Email Subject Line Analysis: How Well Do Popular Terms Fare?
MarketingCharts Staff Report
Breaking news: using the right words in your email subject line can determine whether your recipients open the email, click links, or choose to unsubscribe. The latest report from Adestra analyzes success (and failure) rates for 3 billion attempted email sends and presents the best and worst key terms for retail, B2B, event-related content, and more.

How Businesses Choose and Use CRM Software
By Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs
A majority of businesses start using customer relationship management (CRM) software because they want to create a centralized customer database or track key sales metrics, according to a recent report from Capterra. When searching for the right solution, they often focus on functionality and ease of use—two factors that are also critical when content marketers look for tools. This post gives details on CRM solution decisions.

Facebook testing LinkedIn-style personality tags on profile pages
By Samantha Murphy Kelly at Mashable
How would you describe each of your friends? Facebook is testing a new feature that would let you tag friends with words that describe their personality or interests, similar to how you can assign work-related attributes to your connections on LinkedIn. Learn more about this tool, which is currently testing only in New Zealand, in this Mashable story. Could it open new content marketing opportunities in the future?

The internet agrees: Typing has made our handwriting worse #TNWwrites
By Natt Garun at The Next Web
Your handwriting isn’t what it used to be—and frankly, your spelling isn’t so hot, either. Blame it on your constant typing at the computer and your reliance on autocorrect capabilities. TNW News asked readers to evaluate their handwriting; see the handwritten responses TNW received as proof of our collective decline. Surely there’s an opportunity here for someone. Any ideas?