TDA and IBM: Creating a successful rebranding campaign

Rebranding a product line may seem simple to outsiders, but to those responsible for implementing the strategy, it’s an intense and meticulous process.

In the IT industry, brand loyalty tends to be a cumulative process that occurs over months and years of relationship-building. But there are situations where fundamental market or technological shifts make it imperative to alter a brand. That was the scenario facing IBM as it sought to rename its well-known IBM Platform Computing product line to IBM Spectrum Computing, while also launching two new additions to the product family.

In early 2016, IBM tapped TDA Group to help implement crucial elements of a comprehensive rebranding campaign. The primary goals for IBM were to boost brand awareness, generate leads, and educate customers on the latest advances in software-defined infrastructure.

Delivering optimum impact

With a launch date fast approaching, IBM worked with TDA to implement a broad-based storytelling campaign through a range of thought-provoking and informative infographics, product briefs, emails, blogs, Twitter posts, and a revamped web page. Key to content development was creating a unified and consistent brand identity and messaging, while producing captivating content to inform customers about the advantages and innovations around the IBM Spectrum Computing product line.

  • Solution briefs. TDA-crafted solution briefs introduced new additions to the IBM Spectrum Computing family, highlighting significant capabilities and benefits while enhancing brand awareness.
  • Infographics. Eye-catching infographics and on-point messaging helped convey major product innovations quickly and efficiently while inviting readers to explore additional product launch content.
  • Emails. Brand-focused and highly targeted emails helped engage IT professionals about the advantages of IBM software-defined solutions and suggested steps for implementation.
  • Blogs. Thought-leadership–focused blogs helped position IBM as software-defined technology experts while generating interest in its expanded product offering.
  • Twitter posts. Creative social tiles used crisp writing and consistent messaging to engage customers as part of an attention-getting Twitter campaign.
  • Web pages. TDA-written web content helped introduce new additions to the IBM Spectrum Computing family while a redesigned web site served as the landing page for other launch assets.

Driving audience engagement

A well-executed call-to-action strategy helped optimize content visibility and guide prospects toward deeper, more appealing content. For example, social tiles directed prospects to blogs, which steered them to a web page or a brochure download. In this way, the campaign was able to nurture readers with multiple touches using more than one medium, all focused on a common goal. TDA is working with IBM to create additional assets that will be used as continuous touch points with the brand’s audience.