Does your content do most of the selling for your company? It should. But if it doesn’t, watch “Understanding the B2B Content Funnel” to see if your content strategy mirrors an effective sales funnel. This step-by-step video presentation describes the repeatable best practices TDA uses to accelerate the sales cycle for some of the world’s biggest and most demanding high-technology brands. Take a look to learn how to use these four essentials of content marketing effectiveness:

• Leverage the six-point checklist for B2B content marketing success
• Create the core component of effective B2B marketing content
• Deploy the right content at the right time
• Maximize the lifetime value of a customer

From must-have white papers to snackable social posts, this video offers methods to find and use your most compelling information, and gives you ways to cost-effectively repurpose themes and content to maximize ROI. We think you’ll find it useful, and we encourage your feedback.