Yes, 2017 is quickly drawing to a close. You might have plans to take a short vacation before the new year. But before you close up shop, take stock of your content marketing programs. Do you have all the resources you need to support the new products your business plans to roll out in the first part of 2018? Is your marketing team prepared with fresh approaches for supercharging sales to meet new business goals?

Make sure you have everything you need—lined up and ready to go—so you can hit the ground running as soon as the last verse of “Auld Lang Syne” ends. Here’s a quick end-of-year tech marketing checklist to help make sure you’re set on the first day of the new year:

  • Strategy and messaging: When was the last time you clearly stated your objectives, defined target audiences, and articulated your top messages? Before you dive into a set of new assets next year, consider investing some time in strategy and messaging. Doing so can help you maintain consistency across assets and maximize their impact with your audiences.
  • Growth marketing: Will 2018 be the year when your innovative small or medium-sized business launches the next big thing in tech? You need a growth marketing strategy focused on generating new leads without requiring excessive time or resources. That strategy might include everything from crafting messaging and establishing an editorial calendar to producing integrated assets for omnichannel marketing.
  • Sales acceleration content: Maybe your new year’s resolution is to convert prospects to paying customers faster. If so, you need a plan for creating captivating, relevant content that is persuasive, accurate, and filled with business benefits. And you need a sufficient amount of content to cover every stage of the customer journey.
  • Executive communications: Have you been leveraging the distinctive voices of your business and technology experts as part of your content marketing? Start planning now to help your leaders contribute to crisp, compelling blogs, articles, videos, press releases, and other assets that convey your company’s key messages.
  • Partner marketingWhatever your business plans for the new year, chances are you won’t be working all alone. If you have business partners, it might be time to bolster your partner marketing efforts. Consider creating some new shared sales assets and co-branded thought-leadership articles, as well as reseller-facing materials. Make sure you have a strategy to keep your partners just as engaged as your shared customers.
  • Reference programs: Satisfied customers make powerful advocates. If you don’t have a customer reference program already in full swing, it’s time to start building one. You’ll need to identify good customers, conduct interviews, and create compelling content in the most effective formats for your audiences.

Are there a few areas on this checklist that need some attention before the new year is in full swing? Don’t panic. Just get in touch with us at TDA Group. We can help you start planning now so you’re ready to execute on your first day back in 2018.

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