Are you basking in the sunshine of attention—or fending off the sharks of reality prowling the social ocean? View our latest infographic to discover the opportunities and hazards in the continuous feedback loop we call The Natural Cycle of B2B Thought Leadership. You’ll see each phase of this lifecycle—from the winds of change that trigger the spark of inspiration, to the rain of innovation that unleashes torrents of thought-leadership content.


TDA Group Watercycle Infographic


Curious about what all this means? Here’s a brief explanation of each phase.

We think nature can be a grand model for explaining marketing concepts. Like our planet’s water cycle, the Spark of Inspiration sets in motion the natural cycle of B2B thought leadership, followed by a downpour of new ideas and innovations. These ideas flow into a thematic stream where they are transformed into engaging, thought-provoking forms of content.

This content, packaged in a variety of formats, is disseminated into the greater social communication sphere. Exposed to the light of public attention and scrutiny, these ideas generate interest, stimulate responses, and shape opinions. The reactions are absorbed, digested, and assessed in the volatile atmosphere of changing market trends.

This feedback results in new flashes of inspiration—and the cycle begins again. As always, we’d love to hear your views. Let us know what you think about this infographic. Contact us.