Content Marketing

Crisp, benefit-rich content builds engagement and drives prospects through the sales funnel. That’s why some of the world’s largest technology companies rely on TDA’s content marketing services to make a compelling case for their products and services. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Brochures continue to be a favored vehicle to attract, engage, and retain customers, driving them to take specific actions. These “first-impression” collaterals are a vibrant way to communicate key information to your target audiences.
  • Case studies are still the most credible testimonials for products and services. TDA’s clients use our industry-recognized content marketing capabilities to showcase how customers use products for maximum business benefit. We produce countless case studies each year through our popular customer reference programs.
  • E-books provide a superb means of presenting as much content as is required for solution selling, thought leadership, and internal sales guides. TDA’s long-standing experience with the medium helps our clients release compelling, in-depth content wrapped in attractive packaging for access on multiple devices.
  • Solution briefs and data sheets highlight services and offerings in easily digestible formats that quickly explain and illustrate your value proposition. Our broad experience with alliance marketing programs also facilitates bundled solutions from more than one vendor.
  • White papers are an important part of marketing programs for disseminating information to IT and line-of-business managers throughout the enterprise. Done right, white papers provide data to support buying decisions and act as a trusted source of information for readers on the edge of your sales process.

Each of these deliverables is designed to be repurposed for a variety of uses, including presentations, press releases, Web content, and more. Whatever the format—mobile app, online, print, podcast, or video—TDA Group produces standout content marketing pieces tailored to hit the mark.

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