Strategic IT Connectors

This eye-catching infographic skillfully summarizes the results of an IBM study analyzing shifting viewpoints on IT infrastructure strategy. Interlocking design elements visually support the theme about how Strategic IT Connectors help businesses achieve competitive differentiation.


IBM Storage Solutions

This colorful infographic makes it abundantly clear that IBM Business Partners have a lot to gain from working with IBM enterprise storage solutions. Bold graphic design creates a clean visual narrative that explains many reasons why partnering with IBM storage is a bright idea.


Big Data, Big Solutions

A superbly balanced combination of content and graphics makes this IBM big data infographic easy to read while still conveying substantial product details. The vertical design combined with bold bullet points enhances readability and comprehension.


Lenovo Solution Brief for Engineering Analysis

This Lenovo solution brief outlines the advantages of the company’s computing solutions for engineering analytics applications. Solid writing and a clean visual design combine to produce a highly effective sales piece.

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