Why a secure enterprise workspace is the best approach for mobile productivity

Created for a team at Dell, this white paper is one in a series that highlights the capabilities and benefits of secure enterprise workspace solutions for mobile devices. The text weaves together thought leadership with substantial product information to engage both business and technical audiences.


SBI 100: The World’s Largest Sales Forces

SBI is a glossy B2B print magazine with a proven track record of getting through to otherwise hard-to-reach C-level executives. Designed, edited, and produced by TDA, this publication develops brand awareness and deepens engagement with original, thought-provoking content that focuses on helping CEOs, CMOs, and


Driving new scientific research with a Prefabricated Modular Data Center solution

Produced for IBM Global Technology Services, this case study showcases a project to implement a modular data center for a healthcare organization in Israel. The case study highlights contributions from IBM and a partner while using a colorful design that features a rendering of the


Securing data at rest is no longer optional

This engaging IBM HTML smart paper helps CIOs and IT security executives quickly understand the options available for securing data at rest, and uses interactive visual “meters” that executives can read to choose the best alternative.

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