IBM Smarter Cities Solution

How do you make a city smarter? This brochure looks at how IBM technology addresses pressing issues in transportation, energy, water, education, and social services—and makes the case for the right technology to public policy experts.

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Why Know Your IBM?

A bold, balanced design makes this IBM infographic an effective tool for highlighting the benefits of IBM’s education portal for Business Partners. A color-coordinated central image aligns neatly with the surrounding text to help convey key points quickly and efficiently.


Award-Winning Content and Cover Design

Clever artwork illustrating “Decoding big data” theme for Dell Power Solutions magazine earned the firm a Silver Ozzie award for best B2B cover design. The TDA-produced online and print publication also garnered significant editorial recognition for content that served an audience of IT decision makers


IBM Big Data

Graphics go a long way toward compelling target audiences to learn more. And it helps when you can quickly summarize an issue so they read more of your material—and head further down the sales funnel.


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